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Holiday Traditions

It has been quite some time since I submitted a new entry to the Proper Papers Blog.  Well overdue, I agree.

Halloween has quickly come and gone.  We only had TWO groups of Trick-o-Treaters.  Very disappointing.  We usually have at least 10 groups, so needless to say there was alot of extra candy.  Thanksgiving was last week.  Agrueably our favorite holiday.  Giving thanks, excellent food and family gatherings, but without all of the stress of gifts.  Speaking of gifts, 'tis the season.  I heard on the news today that the American public as already spent over 54 Billion dollars on their holiday shopping.  That's surely a mountain of sweaters and socks.  I have tried to focus my latest gift giving on experiences, like concert tickets, tickets to a local play, or entry passes.  Something to look forward to on a specific date.  Although there is no instant gratification, the pleasure seems to last longer by the memories you create "Doing" something.  Staying Active.  How are you staying Active? 
Back on track... Holiday Traditions...  What do you do or say almost every Holiday Season?  I think everyone has a list of things that if they do or say these certain things, the Holiday somehow is complete for them.  For some Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete if they didn't eat Oyster Stuffing; while others make sure they go hunting early that morning.  For Christmas, some must open all of their gifts the night before; while others must attend Midnight Mass.  What are your Holiday Traditions?
For me, Thanksgiving isn't quite the same if you "eat out".  No offense to the numerous, bountiful buffets at hotels, private clubs, and upscale restaurants.  The food is just as good, and sometimes much better without the clean-up.  I totally see the appeal.  For me, there is just something about cooking with family and friends and then dining in the late afternoon; that makes everything right with the world.  Plus then you can justify having a well deserved glass of wine with your meal.  
For Christmas, it is going to a performance of The Nutcracker.  There are several other special things, like opening presents Christmas morning, getting a fresh cut Fraser Fir, sending Christmas Cards.  For me, if I do nothing else, I must go to The Nutcracker.  Many years, I went to the performance by the School of Arts.  Other years, it was the NC Dance theater.  One year we went the NY City Ballet's performance.  I was convinced they had REAL snow for the snowy scenes.  I was 8 years old.  Only in early December can you listen to the music by Tchaikovsky and slip away into a dream world with Clara and her friends.  And only in that dream can I dance on pointe, every step in perfect form.  Not so much in real life.  I can point my toes, but that's as close as it comes.  Thank God for dreams.  
More blogging another day.  I have to feed the dogs now.  Ciao!

Day #1 - Welcome to Proper Papers Blog

  Welcome All to the NEW blog for Proper Papers.  I just recently changed the name of the company from Patchwork Ink to Proper Papers, effective April 1st (no fooling : )).  It was 3 years in the making, so i am very excited to roll-out the new name and new look.  Let me know what you think...  My purpose for this Blog is to connect with customers and paper-lovers alike.  They say that paper is on a decline, given our increased use as a society to email, text, tweet and "like"(Facebook).  That may be, but I truly believe when you receive a letter, invitation or announcement from a friend or loved-one, the emotions attached to it are felt.  It is personal.  From the paper choice, to the instrument used (pen, pencil, marker, ink, crayon...), to the words written, you connect with the sender.  Did they write only in Capital letters?  Did they draw "smiley faces" to end every sentence?  Is their handwriting difficult to read?  How do they "dot" their "i"s ?  Whether the message is positive or negative, the recipient connects with the sender on more levels than with an "Arial Font" electronic message.  And connecting with people is the key to our happiness.

  Next time, let's chat about the Art of Letter writing.  Until then, enjoy your weekend : ))

take care,  Aimee

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The Proper Papers Story
With more than a decade working in corporate america, newly married with an instant family, and the unexpected passing of my father, little did I know more changes were in order.  A friend was selling her five year old stationery business, Patchwork Ink.  Encouraged and supported by my husband, Mike, we purchased the business; and I became a "Stationer".  Although the name of the business was not my favorite, I didn't want to make drastic changes immediately after the purchase.  For the next two and a half years I spent learning all aspects of the business, becoming familiar with the customer base and attending National Stationery Shows.  I added several new product lines and made minor improvements on branding and marketing each year.  Working from my "Home Studio" has been a dream come true.  It really allows me to offer fabulous products at a discounted rate and provide personalized service to every customer without the extra cost.  Quality, beauty and value are my goals when selecting products.  From the perfect invitation, to the multiple bridesmaids gifts, and the lesson in etiquette; I strive to provide my customers with that "little extra something" every time.  After the 2011 Holiday season, I knew it was time for "Patchwork Ink"  to retire and "Proper Papers" to be born.  With a NEW name, logo and website Proper Papers is here to stay. Please browse through the variety of stationery styles and available gifts.  Coming soon, read the Proper Papers blog.  It will include tips, hints, trends, and answers to recently asked questions.  Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.  I look forward to working with you very soon.
~  Aimee Wilson, Owner
     Proper Papers